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Frequently asked questions

What is the date and time of my ceremony?

Summer 2017 ceremonies will take place between Wednesday 12 July 2017 to Friday 21 July 2017. Graduation ceremonies for Winter 2017 are provisionally scheduled to take place between Monday 11 December to Friday 15 December 2017.



Which ceremony do I attend if I am a Joint Honours Student?

Joint Honours students should attend the ceremony for their home school or the school that administers their course.


Registration queries

When can I apply for graduation?
For summer ceremonies students will be contacted in March and winter ceremonies students will be contacted in October about how they can register to graduate. Students will be contacted by email. It is your responsibility to keep the University informed of your current contact details. You should do this through the Portal.


What should I do if I do not receive any graduation information?
Please contact the graduation team if you have not been contacted regarding graduation and expect to graduate at the next session.


Should I wait for confirmation that I have passed before registering for graduation?
No! You must complete the application process by the published deadline- we cannot guarantee attendance at the ceremony for students, or tickets for guests, if the form is received after the deadline. Do not wait for confirmation that you have successfully completed your studies. If, subsequently, you do not pass your course, a full refund will be made for any tickets purchased.


What do I do if I can't / don't want to attend the ceremony?
You should complete the application even if you do not wish to attend the ceremony (ie graduating in absentia) so that we know where to send your certificate. If you do not complete the application but your name appears on a passlist, your award will automatically conferred in absentia - you will not be eligible to attend any subsequent ceremony and will need to contact the Graduation Team directly to make arrangements to collect your certificate.


What do I need to do if I wish to defer graduating?
You are expected to graduate at the ceremony following the successful completion of your course. In exceptional circumstances, you may be permitted to defer your graduation until a later date. If you wish to do so you must email the Graduation Team explaining the reasons for your request and attaching supporting documentation by the published deadline. Requests to defer received after this date will not be considered. If your request is approved you will be given written permission. If you defer to a later ceremony, you will not receive your certificate until after the ceremony has taken place.


What happens if I have submitted an appeal?

You should complete the graduation application by the deadline. Classification information regarding your degree is not published at graduation so it is not usual to defer graduation for appeals concerning this; if your classification changes after graduation you will be issued with a new certificate.

If you wish to defer because of an appeal regarding the level of award to be received you should follow the normal deferral process. The Graduation Team does not receive information of students with an active appeal and therefore we cannot automatically defer appellants. If your deferral is successful any purchased tickets will be refunded.


Guest and ticket queries

Can I bring family / friends to the ceremony?
Yes, however the number of seats in the Hall is limited by fire certificate regulations. So that everyone has the same opportunity to bring friends and family with them, guest tickets are restricted initially to a maximum of two per student. If you do not complete the application by the deadline we cannot guarantee you any guest tickets. The charge is £20 per ticket and this includes a guest seat at the ceremony, a commemorative programme, free visitor parking and pre- and post-ceremony refreshments.


I am a student, do I need to buy a ticket for the ceremony?
No. Students do not pay for their tickets, which are issued at registration on the day of the ceremony.


When will I receive my guest tickets?
Guest and student tickets will be available to collect on the day of the ceremony. You will be sent email confirmation of attendance and the number of tickets you have purchased. This will include joining instructions and ticket collection information. Please keep the graduation team informed of any change to the contact address you provided on your graduation application.


Can I get more than two guest tickets?
Initially each graduand can purchase up to two guest tickets. There is no guarantee that there will be spare tickets. However if extra tickets are available, information about how to apply for them will be available  after the application deadline. Guests will not be allowed entry without a ticket. Therefore please do not make travel/accommodation arrangements for guests until you know that you have tickets for them.


Can I bring children to the ceremony?
Experience shows that children become bored and restless during ceremonies although we appreciate it is not always possible to make alternative childcare arrangements. However, every person who attends the ceremony must have a guest ticket to enter the Hall, however young. You may apply for up to two complimentary tickets for children under the age of 2 - children with these tickets must sit on an adult's lap, not in a seat. Children aged 2 and over must have a full-price guest ticket.


Can I get a refund for guest tickets?

To request a refund please email the Gradaution Team by the published deadline.  Requests for refunds under exceptional circumstances received after the deadline will not be considered.

If a student purchases tickets and then receives confirmation that they are ineligible for that set of ceremonies we will automatically refund any tickets purchased.

Refunds will be made in the manner in which payment has been received.



I have bought guest tickets but now my name does not appear on a passlist or I am deferring. Can you use my ticket payment for the next set of ceremonies?
No. Summer and winter ceremonies are run as separate events and ticket sales may not be carried over. If you buy tickets but then subsequently do not complete your studies or defer your graduation a refund will be made.

On the day queries

What time should I arrive?

Timings can be found here.

If you have not registered, gowned and taken your seat half an hour before the ceremony you may not be able to go across the platform to receive your award.



Is parking available?

There is sufficient free parking for everyone. You will be directed by security staff on the day.

Anyone bringing disabled guests or those with mobility difficulties are encouraged to complete an Individual Requirements Form to receive a parking permit to ensure a parking space in an appropriate location. 

When do the doors open for guests?

Doors open 45 minutes before the ceremony.



Do I have to notify you if I or my guest(s) have mobility difficulties or other individual requirements?
It is highly advisable that you let us know as early as possible of any individual requirements. If you, or a guest, have a disability or individual requirement (for example mobility, vision or hearing difficulties) you can complete the individual requirement form or if you prefer, a hard copy version is available on request.

An induction loop is fitted in the Hall.


Ceremony queries

How long is each graduation ceremony?

Each ceremony is approximately one hour.



Where do I sit?

Your seat will be assigned to you on the day according to the order you will cross the stage. It is very important that you sit in the correct seat otherwise you will reach the stage at the wrong time and will not be able to cross.

Guest seats are not numbered. The earlier guests enter the Hall the more choice they will have over where to sit.

When will I get my certificate?
If you attend your graduation ceremony your certificate will be handed to you on the stage. Those who graduate in absentia will be sent their certificate up to 3 - 6 weeks after the ceremonies have finished. If you have not completed the graduation application your certificate will not be sent to you and you will need to contact the Graduation Certificate Team.

Photography and DVD queries

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Can I have my official photographs taken before the ceremony?

Yes- Photography is available before and after each ceremony from Tempest photography


Post-ceremony queries

What happens after the ceremony?
Graduates and guests make their way to the East Midlands Conference Centre where refreshments are available. Photography, Gowns, DVDs and memorabilia are also avaliable there. 


What refreshments/food are available?

The graduation ticket includes complimentary tea / coffee on arrival and light refreshments, including vegetarian food, after the ceremony.


Who do I contact if I have a query not covered here?

Please contact the Graduation team. We will respond to your message within 5 working days unless during University holidays. Remember to state your full name and student ID number whereever possible in all correspondence.

Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, we are unable to enter into correspondence about the specific details of a student's graduation with anyone other than the student.



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