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Support a scholar 

Each year, thousands of talented people come to study at The University of Nottingham. 

Across the different schools and disciplines, what binds Nottingham students together  – past and present  – is that all our places are awarded on merit.

This is something we hope will never change  – and why we're asking for your help today. 

Can you give £50 to help support a hopeful student who has earned their place here, but is unable to accept due to financial reasons?   

Students in The Trent Building Quad at The University of Nottingham
Help bright but disadvantaged students accept their University places

Help a deserving student like Carla

University of Nottingham Scholarship Recipient - Carla Reeson

I received three A*'s in my A-levels and was so proud when I was offered a place on the LLB law degree. But I knew my parents couldn't help me financially and I was worried about how I would cover my costs while studying intensively.

My scholarship made all the difference. I am now the first in my family to come to university and I love being at Nottingham - it's everything I hoped for and more. I am so grateful to all those who gave so generously to help me. You've changed my life - thank you


It only takes 20 people to each give £50 to fund a scholar for a year

Bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds face a heartbreaking choice. They work hard to earn a place at The University of Nottingham - a great achievement when you consider that we are ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide. But with ever-rising living costs for food, textbooks and rent, many potential students may feel that - even after all their hard work - they simply cannot afford a university education. 

By giving a donation today you can help change that.

A Nottingham Potential Scholarship gives students £1,000 a year to cover essential living costs.

If you give £50 you could be one of 20 to collectively fund an entire year's scholarship for a bright student who may otherwise be unable to accept their place at Nottingham. 

Please give what you can and help hopeful young students like Carla gain the education and experiences they deserve.




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