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AHRC Conference

AHRC Conference 
From Thebes to Mycenae 

Materials & Industries in the Mycenaean World

Current approaches to the study of materials & industries in prehistoric Greece

9:30am Thursday 9 May - 4:30pm Friday 10 May 2013  
Please note this is an invitation only event

This international conference - part of the research project From Thebes to Mycenae funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council - considers production technologies of materials, artefacts and their industries in the Mycenaean World.

By bringing together individual experts and groups of specialists in the study of Mycenaean materials and industries, our meeting aims to foster debate and exchange amongst diverse and competing methodological approaches in archaeology.

The conference will also explore the ways in which recent advances in the study of Mycenaean production technologies and industries enable the development of future research agendas. It will provide a timely opportunity to bring together a range of hitherto largely isolated initiatives in the archaeology of Mycenaean materials and industries, develop future research methodologies, and showcase emerging research approaches to the prehistory of Greece and of the broader Mediterranean.

Leading international experts will focus on organic and inorganic materials, ceramics, metals, pigments, glass and vitreous materials, natural stones, textiles, wood, bone and ivory.

The main production technologies and industrial sectors discussed are pottery and other work in fired clay, painted frescoes and pictorial vases, metallurgy (including weaponry), jewellery, ship-building, wood-working, furniture-making and the blending of perfumed oils.

See more information on the Key Topics and Methodological Approaches.

Book of Abstracts

Download the Book of Abstracts.

Conference Venue

The National College for School Leadership PDF format
Room 7a
Triumph Road

Conference Enquiries

Kalliopi Nikita





Keynote speaker

Prof John Bennet
(University of Sheffield)

Endnote speaker

Dr Oliver TPK Dickinson
(University of Durham)


  • ME Alberti (University of Sheffield)
  • S Aulsebrook (University of Cambridge)
  • F Dakoronia (Hellenic Ministry of Culture)
  • PM Day (University of Sheffield)
  • I Fappas (Hellenic Ministry of Culture)
  • W Gilstrap (University of Sheffield)
  • AF Harding (University of Exeter)
  • J Henderson (University of Nottingham)
  • R Jones (University of Glasgow)
  • E Kardamaki (University of Heidelberg)
  • L Kassianidou (University of Cyprus)
  • P Kavouras (Athens, Forest Research Institute)
  • K Kaza (Hellenic Ministry of Culture)
  • V Kilikoglou (Demokritos IMS)
  • K Konstantinidi-Syviridi (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)
  • P Kounouclas (Hellenic Ministry of Culture)
  • Y Lolos (University of Ioannina)
  • C Marabea (University of Ioannina)
  • E Maragoudaki (Hellenic Ministry of Culture)
  • G Nightingale (University of Salzburg)
  • K Nikita (University of Nottingham)
  • V Pliatiska (Hellenic Ministry of Culture)
  • K Shelton (University of Berkeley)
  • S Strack (University of Leicester)
  • I Tzonou-Herbst (American School of Classical Studies, Athens)
  • K Voutsa (Hellenic Ministry of Culture)
  • IK Whitbread (Universiyt of Leicester)

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