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Archaeology of the Norman Conquest

Transformations and Continuities in the Eleventh Century: Archaeology of the Norman Conquest

Centre for Advanced Studies, University Park Campus

20 - 22 September 2013

The Society of Medieval Archaeology's first new annual conference is to be held at the University of Nottingham and will consider the archaeological evidence for the Norman Conquest of England.

The majority of the conference will be based at the Centre for Advanced Studies on University Park Campus. The conference reception will be held at the University of Nottingham Museum and accommodation is available on campus at Ancaster Hall.

A trip to Southwell is also included in the conference package with the key note lecture occuring here as well as the conference dinner.




This conference is centred on the eleventh century, with a particular concern with Norman expansion. Papers are addressing the problem of recognizing in archaeological terms the Norman Conquest of England, and of other parts of these islands.

The conference will examine the full range of material culture: landscape, environment, settlements (rural and urban), buildings, fortifications, churches and religious houses, burial, sculpture, artefacts, pottery, dress and diet.

The papers will examine whether the 11th century was a period of continuity or if changes, large and small, can be traced. If so, speakers will examine whether developments be linked with the political and social upheavals that are traditionally associated with Norman expansionism? Or were there alternative dynamics at work?

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