Department of Archaeology

Annual postgraduate conference

Archaeological Curios

A03 Humanities Building, University Park Campus

12 May 2014, 10am-4pm

The process of writing a PhD thesis is a long and challenging process, spanning many years and vast amounts of information. Within most theses are hidden away smaller items of interest, which are often thought of as window dressing to the ‘proper’ research. It is these curios which this conference wishes to focus on; taking quirky ideas out of the curiosity cabinet, dusting them off and presenting them to you.

Speakers will consist of current University of Nottingham postgraduate students and keynote speaker, Nottingham Alumnus Matt Symonds, Editor of Current Archaeology.



Event programme

9am  Conference registration

Session one

Vailiki Brouma – Snake in death: the symbolism of the snake in Greek funerary art

Camilla Bertini – Behind the glass: the contribution of science to the study of ancient vitreous materials

Sera Baker – After hours: Life in the small shops of Roman Pompeii

Youri van den Hurk – A Whale of a Time: Social implications of cetacean exploitation in the Netherlands through time

11am  BREAK

Session two

Chris Ward – Gift in the Deer Park

Alex Siu - The chemical analysis of Byzantine and Islamic glass dated to the 9th-12th centuries AD

Poppy Hodkinson – ‘Missing Animals’: Integrating zooarchaeology into museums.

Sarah Morris – ‘Wonderful Things’

12:15pm  LUNCH (this will be provided)

Session three

Hillery Harrison – Two deviant burials in medieval Warwickshire

Sam Farnahm – Pollution and purity in the Argolid and the Corinthia during the Early Iron Age of Greece

Neil Hall – Iron Production: materials and purposes

Sean Doherty – Surface Tension: The role of aesthetics in post-medieval livestock breeding


Session four

Leslie Bode – If the leaves don’t survive, where does this leave us? Foraging for evidence of the missing foods of the hunter-gatherer diet in the Azraq Basin, Jordan


Yiheng Zhou – (Roman Archaeobotany)


Melinda Higgons – (Islamic glass)


Keynote address

Matthew Symonds, Editor of Current Archaeology

Directions to venue

The conference is being held on University Park campus at The University of Nottingham. Unfortunately parking cannot be provided, however there is an excellent bus service to the campus, and limited parking in Beeston, a ten minute walk away.


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