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Past archaeology conferences and workshops

The Department of Archaeology has hosted a variety of conferences in subjects ranging from Luxury and Wealth to Deer and People. 

If you would like more information on a particular conference, please email Naomi Sykes.

Deer and People: Past Present and Future
Image from the Deer and People Conference 2013

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Conference titleDate Conference description

Change: Archaeological Evidence for Socio-political, Cultural and Physical Transitions

16 May 2017 Featuring Postgraduate presentations on the archaeology of change and a guest lecture by Prof. Eleanor Casella, Professor of Historical Archaeology at the University of Manchester.

The Roman Crete Colloquium

18-19 Nov 2016 The topics presented covered the late Hellenistic, Roman and Late Antique/Byzantine periods on Crete. The theme of the conference is “The Enigma of Late Hellenistic and Roman Crete: Unanswered Questions”.
Luxury and Wealth in the Archaic to Hellenistic Peloponnese 14-15 Apr 2016 The theme of the conference aimed to stimulate scholarly thinking and dialogue into past attitudes to luxury, wealth and austerity from a historical, philological and archaeological perspective. In turn this should challenge current understandings of luxury and wealth and generate reflection on current socio-economic conditions and possible alternatives.
Crossing boundaries: The creation of foodscapes 28 Mar 2015 This conference explored new tools and novel approaches for tracking the movement of food and ideas across space and time; from the emergence of agriculture and farming to the Columbian exchange and industrialisation. Within the theme of ‘crossing boundaries’ the conference brought together studies using a range of methods, to investigate the socio-cultural parameters underpinning food and land practices ‘on the move’ and their impacts on economies, societies and perceptions.
Transformations and Continuities in the 11th Century: Archaeology of the Norman Conquest 20-22 Sep 2013  The Society of Medieval Archaeology's first new annual conference considered the archaeological evidence for the Norman Conquest of England. 
Materials and Industries in the Mycenaen World 9-10 May 2013 This international conference - part of the research project From Thebes to Mycenae funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council - considered production technologies of materials, artefacts and their industries in the Mycenaean World. 
Deer and People 8-11 Sep 2013 A conference featuring the disciplines of Anthropology, Archaeology, Biology, Conservation, Deer Farming, Ecology, Geography, History, Landscape Management, Law, and Population Genetics. 
Mediterranean Identities: Formation and Transformation 26-28 Mar 2010 International conference addressing theoretical approaches to the formation and transformation of these identities throughout time and space.
UK Archaeological Sciences Conference  8-10 Sep 2009 UK Archaeological Sciences (UKAS) 2009 Biennial Conference hosted by NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory and the Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham. 
Food and Drink in Archaeology 17-18 2009 Third annual Food and Drink in Archaeology conference organised by Nottingham's Department of Archaeology.
Death, Burial and the Transition to the Afterlife in Arabia and Adjacent Regions 27-29 Nov 2008

The Society for Arabian Studies conference reviewed, synthesised, and contextualised the evidence for burial practices and associated beliefs in Arabia and neighbouring regions from earliest prehistory to the present day. More than 50 contributions were presented from a wide range of disciplines, including archaeology, physical anthropology, epigraphy, cultural anthropology, and theology.



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