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 Enabling people from all different walks of life to become involved in practical archaeology



People use the past to define who they are. Heritage is also a major global industry, bringing tourists and revenue to many regions and forming a significant part of the ways in which places and countries present themselves to the world. In the UK, public involvement in archaeology is at an all-time high with more than 2000 community archaeology groups in existence, enabling more than 200,000 people to participate in practical research into the past.

At the University of Nottingham we are closely involved in bringing the past to life for ever wider audiences and undertaking heritage work around the world. This includes virtual reality presentations of underwater heritage in Greece, Egypt, Jamacia, China and Africa, using our understanding of ancient use of chickens to empower women in present-day Ethiopia and bringing the story of the origins to metalworking museums in Northern Italy.

In the UK our staff and students work closely with the National Trust and Historic England on a range of projects to maximise the heritage assets of sites such as Tattershall Castle and Dovedale in the Peak District. Whilst in Southwell in Nottinghamshire and at Caistor Roman town in Norfolk we are working with community archaeology groups to engage people from all walks of life in practical archaeology.

Through such work, our research plays an important role in shaping the ways in which the past is used and experienced by multiple audiences.

Image of craftswomen in Ethiopia support by the Global Challenges Research Fund, Going Places project
Image of craftswomen in Ethiopia, supported bythe Global Challenges Research Fund ‘Going Places’ project


  • High resolution survey of Port Royal (Jamaica) 
  • Egadi: digitally recording an ancient submerged naval battlefield (Italy)
  • China Ports: History, Heritage and Development
  • Rising from the Depths: Utilising Marine Cultural Heritage in East Africa
  • Projection Augmented Relief Models in Underwater Archaeology
  • Caistor Roman town
  • Butrint
  • Southwell Roman villa
  • Tattershall Castle
  • Laser scanning of historic structures
  • Bradgate Park
  • Fair Game (links to both Dama International and Easter)
  • Chicken Project and Going Places (Ethiopia) Project
  • Easter Eg – Shifting Baselines and Changing Perceptions of Cultural and Biological ‘Aliens’
  • Mapping the land-based and water-borne silk road using heritage science 
  • The Raqqa, Syria ancient industry project 
  • The development of horticulture in Britain
  • Pavlopetri Underwater Archaeology Project: Working with local communities in Greece
  • Educational Project: 'My name is Imperial Purple'
  • Caves in the Park


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