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Our skills workshops cover topics from working out which careers would suit you to perfecting your job application skills and harnessing social media in your job search.

Come along to our skills workshops for the autumn term, some of which our led by our team, and some of which are led by employers, but all are essential to your career success.

Note: You can book on skills workshops on My Career two weeks in advance of the event.

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Skills workshops 

Our sessions are arranged by topic- just click on the link below.

Application forms
Date Location Time ID
Wednesday 18 October Studio Live, Portland Building 1pm 7100
Friday 27 October B46, Trent Building 1pm 7101
Thursday 2 November Studio Live, Portland Building  1pm  7102


Psychometric tests - Verbal and Numerical tests
 Date Location Time ID
 Tuesday 7 November A31, Clive Granger 12pm  7106 


Psychometric tests - Situational Judgement
 Date Location Time ID
 Tuesday 17 October  A03, George Green Library 12pm 7104
 Thursday 26 October B13, ESLC  12pm 7105


Assessment centres
 Date Location Time ID
 Wednesday 18 October Biosciences Careers Week - Committee Room, Main Building  1pm 7114
 Wednesday 1 November ESLC - rooms to be confirmed  2pm 7116
 Tuesday 7 November A46, Trent Building 1pm  7120 
 Tuesday 14 November B1, Law and Social Sciences building 1pm  7121
 Wednesday 28 November A02, Highfield House 1pm  7122 


Career planning
 Date Title Location Time ID
Tuesday 17 October

How to Make the Most of Your Masters

(Biosciences Careers Week)

B07, The Barn 1pm 7113
Thursday 19 October

Know your Strengths for Successful Career Planning

 (Biosciences Careers Week)

Committee Room, Main Building 1pm 7124
Thursday 26 October Make the Most of Your Year Abroad (Arts Students) LG9, Trent Building 6.30pm 6936
Monday 30 October Thinking about Postgraduate Study (Arts Students)  B2, The Helmsley, University Park 2pm 6975
Wednesday 1 November Identifying Your Strengths C20, Portland Building 1pm 7060
Thursday 16 November Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Careers and Employability Service, Portland Building 2pm 6985
Thursday 22 November Thinking about a PhD      


Career skills
Date Title Location Time ID
Wednesday 18 October Make Your Application Stand Out C20, Portland Building 1pm 7076
Wednesday 25 October Building Confidence and Networking C20, Portland Building 2pm 7061
Thursday 2 November LinkedIn and Your Online Profile A25, Law and Social Sciences 12pm  7112
Wednesday 8 November Communication C20, Portland Building 1pm 7059
Wednesday 15 November Assessment Centres C20, Portland Building 1pm 7058 
Tuesday 21 November LinkedIn and Your Online Profile B29, Sir Clive Granger Building 12pm TBC 
Wednesday 22 November Effecive Communication C20, Portland Building 2pm 7055


Cover letters
 Date Location Time ID
Thursday 26 October Studio Live, Portland Building  1pm 7093
Tuesday 31 October C29, Physics 1pm 7094 


Preparing an Effective CV
 Date Location Time ID
Tuesday 17  October A2, Highfield House 1pm 7096
Tuesday 21 November A2, Highfield House 1pm 7097


Preparing for Interviews and Interview Confidence
 Date Location Time ID
Tuesday 19 October A4, Law and Social Sciences 12pm 7053
Tuesday 31 October A02, Highfields House 1pm 7108 
Thursday 9 November A04, George Green Library  12pm  7109 
Monday 13 November A04, George Green Library 12pm  7110
Thursday 23 November C41, Dearing Building 1pm  7111 


At Jubilee
Date Title Location Time ID
Wednesday 25 October Applications C33 Exchange Building  1pm  6999 
Thursday 8 November Strengths-based Interviews C33 Exchange Building   1pm   7000
Tuesday 15 November Group Exercises: Problem Solving C33 Exchange Building   1pm  7001
Wednesday 22 November Agile Project Management C33 Exchange Building   1pm 7002 
Tuesday 29 November Mock Assessment Centre C33 Exchange Building   1pm 7003
Wednesday 6 December Decision Making C33 Exchange Building   1pm  7004 
Wednesday 13 December Networking C33 Exchange Building    1pm  7005 


Getting into...
Date Title Location Time ID
Tuesday 24 October Getting into... Management Consultancy A02, Highfield House 2pm  7144
Tuesday 24 October Applying for Teaching A21, Trent Building 4pm  6973
Wednesday 25 October Getting into... Investment Banking B1, Law and Social Sciences 10am 7188
Thursday 2 November Getting into... Civil Service Fast Stream C20, Portland Building  1pm 7159 
Tuesday 7 November Getting into... Law for Non-Law Students C27, Portland Building  1pm  7140
Tuesday 14 November Applying for Teaching B2, The Helmsley, University Park 4pm  6974
Wednesday 15 November Arts degrees: Best at critical thinking and best of business. Discuss A45, Sir Clive Granger Building 4pm 7135
Wednesday 16 November Getting into... Law for Non-Law Students To be confirmed TBC  7142
Tuesday 21 November Developing Storytelling Skills for a Career in Journalism and PR A11 Highfield House 6pm  7130
Monday 27 November Becoming a Global Engineer B23, Physics  6pm  7038

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