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Our current year 1 BArch students have a lot to say. After just 6 weeks, here's what they think of the course so far:

China Chapman Year 1, Unit 3

What I love about studying at Nottingham is that the course is really well rounded.

What’s really good about the first year here is they actually teach you the fundamentals of architecture.You get to learn from people, I think that’s what architecture is all about. I am learning so much so fast…




Dante Hall
Year 1, Unit 2

The campus is huge. You have so much space to do stuff. The open days are really good.

The year’s split up into 5 units and within the units you have 5 dens of about 5 – 6 people. Those dens work together on projects but sometimes they are split up even further. Right now, we are working as a trio.…..There’s a lot of teamwork involved. When I got here I thought, "Wow, over 100 students! How were we going to start working together?" but that’s why the dens are really good. You get to know people who are in that tight knit group and you get to work together.



Max Mackay
Year 1, Unit 1

One of the reasons why I chose this Uni is because the teachers really seem to care.

At open days it was so much better, with so many opportunities. You have to come here and see the studios and experience people around it to understand that it’s a really nice Uni.



Margarita Samouridou
Year 1, Unit 4

The Tour de Pasenville is a good introduction to the course just to break the ice.

The course at Nottingham was recommended to me by other students.



Nikolay Runtev
Year 1, Unit 3

I didn’t feel left out even for a second. You can get help from anybody, anywhere…everyone is so helpful…

We’re learning new things every single day and its getting more demanding. What’s good about this University is that it's constantly developing throughout the years, it doesn’t stay the same level, its just going forwards and forwards…



Amelia Hankin

2009 BArch Alumni

My degree at Nottingham has been so important to me and was absolutely essential in laying the foundations for everything I've done since. I am so inspired by architecture and I consistently look back on and apply methods of designing that I was taught in Nottingham.

I've been inspired beyond the studio work too; technical modules allowed me to develop an understanding in construction and philosophy of design modules have very much altered the way I look at existing structures, art and historical research.




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