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John McRae

Teaching Associate, Faculty of Arts



The integration of language skills and literary reaidng abilities to develop what we have called Five Skills English: an ablility to read the world through representational materials and develop critical and interpretative skills thereby. Applications to all types of discourse from literary through stylsitics and semantics to corpora and all text work.

Expertise Summary

MA (Glasgow) Areas of expertise - language in literary studies: representational language, stylistics and text linguistics; the history of language and literature; new Englishes; gay studies; drama in performance; language and literature education; language teacher; training and professional development.

Research Summary

Working with Government and non-Government agencies in several countries on research and implementation of language/literature Five Skills English teaching and educational programmes.

Past Research

The language/literature interface. Five Skills English. The history of language and literature. Critical edition of Wilde's TELENY. Publications on Shakespeare, D. H. Lawrence, Edith Wharton etc.

Future Research

A multi-country research project on the language of humour, based at the Unveirsity of Madeira

An online project with OScholars website to celebrate 20 years since the publication of the first critical edition of Oscar Wilde's TELENY - editing an online collection of essays.

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