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CoTP Study Day - Radical Orthodoxy and Protestantism

Saturday 21st November 2015 (09:00-18:00)
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CoTP Study Day: Radical Orthodoxy and Protestantism

Radical Orthodoxy and Protestantism

Although Radical Orthodoxy (RO) emerged from a group of Anglo-Catholics and Catholics, it has developed as a uniquely ecumenical theology, attracting the interest of both Eastern Orthodox and Protestant Christians.

Despite criticising the Reformation for its lack of a 'theology of participation', RO blamed this upon late-medieval Catholic thought rather than the Reformers themselves.  But how far did the Reformers recognise and try to compensate for this lack?  And if Protestants recognise it today, can the Reformation legacy be successfully rethought?  Does it actually offer unique elements to the RO vision?  This one-day conference will explore these questions...

The day will run from 10.30am to approx. 6pm and the cost is £20 per person including lunch, refreshments and an evening drinks reception. 

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  • Boris Gunjevic: Radical Orthodoxy and Scripture
  • Sven Grosse: Critique of Radical Orthodoxy's Readings of Luther
  • Silvianne Bürki: Peter Martyr and the Metaphysics of Causality in the Reformation
  • James Orr: Radical Orthodoxy and Kant
  • Nathan Barczi: Radical Orthodoxy and Barth

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