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Peter, decided to do a masters at Nottingham after having graduated with a BA from the Department:

"Having studied Theology at Nottingham as an undergraduate I had experienced first hand the excellent teaching and atmosphere in the Department. The Department also offers a number of specialist taught MAs and one of these, the MA in Biblical Interpretation and Theology, provided an excellent range of modules in what had become my main area of interest during my undergraduate studies.

Before I began I knew that the teaching would be good, but this and other aspects of the course exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed and benefited from small group seminar-style tuition as well as receiving teaching in larger classes, some of which were shared with undergraduates which allowed for regular contact with a large number of people beyond the immediate postgraduate community in the department. Similarly, I was able to participate in other interesting undergraduate classes which allowed me to brush up my Biblical Greek skills and also experience a new area of study in the form of a module on Theology and Film.

Regular Departmental seminars with many visiting speakers of note also helped to provide an excellent forum for discussion between all the different postgraduate students in the Department and with the lecturers." 

Bernard, a pastor and theological educator from Singapore, PhD student:

"I have a BA (Hons) in Philosophy from the University of Singapore, a BA in Bible & Theology from ICI University, Texas USA, and a MDiv (Hons) in Biblical Studies from the Singapore Bible College.

I'm enjoying learning from my research the relation between sacrifice, atonement and the sacraments in Paul's theology of union with Christ and find Dr Richard Bell's supervision to be very stimulating and helpful.

The Department helped me a lot during the application and relocation process and, though I had some funding to support my studies in the UK, it was not enough and looked like I may not be able to come here. However, the the School of Humanities managed to secure extra funding for me."


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