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Founded in 2000, the Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics (CeDEx) is a world-leading research group. Its research is published in top international journals and the Centre also publishes its own discussion paper series. CeDEx is consistently ranked highly in the field of behavioural economics and has several top-ranking authors affiliated with it.

CeDEx researchers investigate human decision-making using a combination of theoretical and experimental methods. It is based in the School of Economics at The University of Nottingham and has been funded by grants from the ESRC, the Leverhulme Trust, the British Academy and the Nuffield Foundation. Members of CeDEx are affiliated with international research institutions including the Institute for the Future of Labor, the ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science and the EC Joint Research Centre.


CeDEx Workshop - Aurélien Baillon (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

02/12/2015 (14:00-15:00)
A41 Sir Clive Granger Building
Bayesian markets for unverifiable truths (A41 SCG)

CeDEx Brown Bag - Tom Lane

03/12/2015 (13:00-14:00)
C05 Physics Building
Are you happy now? An experiment on cheating, social norms and well-being (C05 Physics)




Ralph Hertwig Seminar Next Week

25 November at 3pm in A41 Sir Clive Granger

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Dr Ozan Isler extends his time at CeDEx

We are delighted that Ozan will be continuing his stay at CeDEx thanks to Marie Curie funding.

More news on our Twitter  page - @UoNCeDeX


New CeDEx Papers

CeDEx 2015-18 Efficiency versus Equality in Bargaining

Fabio Galeotti, Maria Montero and Anders Poulsen

New CeDEx Publications

Human cooperation in groups: variation begets variation by Pieter van den Berg, Lucas Molleman, Jaakko Junikka, Mikael Puurtinen and Franz J. Weissing

Eye Movements in Strategic Choice by Neil Stewart, Simon Gächter, Takao Noguchi and Timothy L. Mullett

Behavioural economics: Visible inequality breeds more inequality by Simon Gächter



Become a paid volunteer

At CeDEx we conduct research into how people make decisions. For that we require the participation of volunteers. No special skills are required, and most participants will receive a reward (normally cash). 

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